Yamanashi,Koshu / YamanashiWine, fruits, and pastoral delights in Yamanashi's Koshu Valley

Located just two hours from Tokyo, the Koshu Valley is the heart of wine-production in Japan. Take tours around some of the country's most famous wineries and sample crisp Koshu wine. Watch the sunset from a hilltop hot spring or pick fresh fruits in a picturesque orchard. After digging into local delicacies like hoto stew, unwind in a quiet village surrounded by nature trails and ancient shrines.

Story 1Pay a visit to some of Japan's best wineries

Exclusive wines at Château Mercian Katsunuma Winery

Get acquainted with Japan's viticulture by making your way to Katsunuma in the Koshu Valley, where you can visit some of Japan's oldest wineries and sample wine made from the native Koshu grape. Charter a "wine-taxi" for a customized tour around the wine cellars, vineyards, and museums around the area.

Enjoy a drink in a garden cafe

Stop by Château Mercian Katsunuma Winery to relax in their garden cafe or pay a visit to Marufuji Winery to sample some of their award-winning flavors.

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Story 2Bathe and dine surrounded by stunning views - including Mt. Fuji

Soothe your tired muscles at Fruit Spa Pukupuku

After a day of sightseeing, recharge your batteries by soaking in the hot springs of Fruit Spa Pukupuku or Hottarakashi Onsen. Both facilities stand atop an orchard-clad hill and offer sweeping views of the Kofu Basin and Mt. Fuji.

Outdoor baths at Fruit Spa Pukupuku

After a dip in Pukupuku's fruit-themed baths, make your way to their restaurant terrace to try local delicacies including rice with wild plants and shingen soft cream.

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Story 3Spend a night at a secluded village; make a bowl of tasty hoto stew

Moshi Moshi House, Kamijo Village

Spend a night in Kamijo Village, a hidden historical gem packed with ancient shrines and houses. Try a stay at Moshi Moshi House, one of the oldest buildings in the village, complete with tatami mats, futon beds, and a traditional veranda.

Learn how to prepare a traditional hoto stew

Wake up early to wander through cedar-lined paths that snake through the village or venture up to the summit of the nearby Mt. Bosatsu. Alternatively, try a cooking class - the staff at Moshi Moshi are happy to teach guests how to make hearty hoto stew, which features flat noodles and an array of vegetables.

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Getting to Koshu Valley, Yamanashi Prefecture:

Trains to JR Shinjuku Station take 60 minutes from Narita International Airport and 40 minutes from Haneda International Airport. Enzan Station in Koshu City is then a 90-minute train ride from JR Shinjuku Station on the Chuo Line-Limited Express Kaiji service.

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Yamanashi,Koshu / YamanashiWine, fruits, and pastoral delights in Yamanashi's Koshu Valley

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