Rumoi / HokkaidoSunsets, sake, and sushi in Japan's great outdoors

Sunset at Golden Cape, Rumoi

Head to Japan's great white north to experience Rumoi - a port town on the west coast of Hokkaido. The town is far off the traditional Japanese tourist trail, but it's ideal if you're looking to spend time in an area of rugged natural beauty, feast on fresh seafood, and enjoy some locally brewed sake. Head to the sandy beaches at sundown to view spectacular sunsets - some of the best in the country.

Indulge in the freshest seafood at Janome sushi restaurant

Janome serves a range of delicious locally sourced sushi

Janome is a popular sushi restaurant in the center of Rumoi. They have been serving customers for over 50 years, earning the restaurant a well-deserved reputation for offering top-quality dishes at reasonable prices.

A selection of the sushi on offer at Janome

Locally sourced fresh fish is the main ingredient in the restaurant's nigiri (the traditional image of sushi with fish layered on top of rice) and maki-zushi (fish wrapped in nori seaweed).

Try some tempura with your sushi

It also serves a range of other seafood-based dishes, including donburi (fish and other ingredients served over a bowl of rice), grilled fish, and tempura. Sake is the ultimate companion for fresh fish, and the restaurant stocks a good range, so ask the staff for a recommendation.

Sit at the counter to watch the chefs at work

Choose a counter seat to watch the meticulous work of the sushi chefs, or reserve a private room if you have a larger group.

Wander the wonders of Rumoi

Rumoi is famous for its stunning sunsets

Rumoi is a beautiful city. Its expansive natural scenery is best explored by car or by rental bicycle. If you're visiting between May and October, stop by the Umi-no-Furusatokan museum and visitor center to learn more about Rumoi and its history as a herring-fishing town. Alternatively, climb up to Senbodai for beautiful views of the port city from 180 meters up - stunning at night time.

Experience the majesty of the ocean in Rumoi

Golden Cape is the spot to go to for spectacular sunsets, and the local food is tasty all year round. In winter, you can witness a phenomenon known as kearashi, in which white mist rises steam-like from the surface of the sea. You can also try your hand crab fishing.

Delightful fields of rapeseed blossoms at Reuke Farm

For great views of Rumoi and the surrounding countryside, journey to Senbodai or Reuke Farm, both of which offer spectacular panoramas. Senbodai's elevated location makes it ideal for enjoying the Rumoi nightscape. Reuke Farm, meanwhile, is noted for its lush, golden rapeseed fields. There are eateries at both venues, so you can enjoy food and drink while taking in the delightful vistas.

Rumoi at night as seen from Senbodai

You can rent a “moecle”-brand bicycle at Umi-no-Furusatokan, Funaba Park, or the local tourist information center. For alternative forms of transport, there is a local bus network that you can hop on and off.

Enjoy a warm welcome and unique cultural experiences at Rumoi Playground

"Umi ni Yama ni" B&B at Rumoi Playground

For a more fulfilling Japan-travel experience in Rumoi, book into the "Umi ni Yama ni" B&B at Rumoi Playground. The friendly owner offers staying guests more than room and boards by organizing cultural experiences. Visitors can bathe in an outdoor steel oil drum - a traditional Japanese practice - or spend the night in an igloo during the winter.

In the winter, you can try a unique steel-drum bath

For some distinctively Japanese foodie experiences, you can enjoy Rumoi hamayaki (freshly caught fish cooked over charcoal) in the garden, or enjoy eating nagashi-somen. The latter involves trying to pick up somen noodles with chopsticks as they come hurtling down a bamboo pipe.

Rumoi Playground's cozy interior

The B&B is centrally located, meaning access to the town and nearby beaches, parks, and other attractions is easy. Getting to the B&B is made simple by the fact there is a highway bus-stop nearby, and Rumoi railway station is just 20 minutes away on foot.

You can cook meals in the spacious kitchen

The place is ideal for families and big groups because of the large rooms. Everyone is free to use the communal kitchen. Note that the bathroom facilities are shared.

Access information

Getting to Rumoi, Hokkaido:

Flights to New Chitose Airport in Sapporo take about 90 minutes from Tokyo's Haneda International Airport and about two hours from Kansai International Airport. From New Chitose Airport, take the train to Rumoi Station (three hours), changing at Sapporo and Fukagawa.

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