Katori / ChibaDiscover the charm of food nurtured in a region blessed with plentiful water and natural greenery: Katori City, Chiba Prefecture.

At THE FARM, you can experience harvesting seasonal vegetables under the guidance of the staff.

Blessed with abundant water and lush green land, Katori City is one of the leading rice and vegetable producers in the Kanto region. The city is also active in pig farming, producing brand-name pigs raised with carefully selected feed. Enjoy locally produced and locally beloved foods in this area, like freshly harvested vegetables. Sawara, a town that prospered in the water transportation industry during the Edo period, is located in the northern part of the city. Along the Ono River, lined with willow trees and storehouse-style merchant houses, the town still retains a traditional Japanese townscape. A leisurely stroll through this area is also recommended.


A two-story log house style cottage filled with sylvan warmth.

Surrounded by vast nature, this farm resort offers a wide range of enjoyments, including accommodations, farms, hot springs, and various activities. Accommodations include single cottages, glamping tents, and camp sites, allowing guests to choose according to their preferences. Guests can experience harvesting vegetables twice a day, and can also use the natural hot springs and sauna. A variety of other programs are also available, including a fire-making experience and canoe touring (some programs may require a fee; reservations are necessary).

BBQ dinner on the outdoor deck, with seasoned meat and vegetables served for casual enjoyment.

Enjoy a BBQ dinner on the deck attached to each cottage or tent. Seasoned meats, fresh vegetables grown at THE FARM and in the neighborhood, bagna cauda (fondue), bread, etc. will be served. After satisfying your appetite, enjoy a relaxing fireplace in the lounge.

There are two breakfast halls, where you can choose between a salad buffet and a Japanese buffet with homemade side dishes.

Breakfast is a buffet at the restaurant. Salads made with vegetables from Chiba Prefecture, tofu made each morning, fruits and desserts, and much more are also available. You can spend a relaxing time in nature and enjoy activities.

LE UN Sawara Merchant Town Hotel NIPPONIA

An atmospheric building renovated from a sake brewery that harmonizes with the townscape of Sawara

Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Chiba Prefecture is rich in seafood and agricultural products. At LE UN, you can enjoy French cuisine that emphasizes local production for local consumption, using seasonal ingredients and fermented foods such as miso and koji made in the region. Chef Shu Ishii has worked at a Grand Maison in Switzerland and has earned numerous awards. He creates innovative dishes using his solid technique and sophisticated sense of cuisine. For drinks, a selection of wines as well as sake directly from the brewery is available.

Typical lunch course. Healthy and gentle flavors that bring out the best of the ingredients.

Each dish expresses the local food culture and tells a unique story. Both lunch and dinner are course menus showcasing seasonal vegetables, "Suigo-dori" free range chicken, fresh fish caught in the surrounding sea, and other local delicacies. Enjoy the excellent taste and beautiful presentation.

Authentic French cuisine showcasing nature's vitality is available for lunch courses from 3,850 yen and up.

With gentle light streaming in through shoji (paper screens), the interior of the restaurant is a fusion of Japanese and Western styles, furnished with tables on tatami mats. Come by for a taste of local cuisine as you explore the historical sites and Edo-period atmosphere of Sawara.

Koisuru Buta (Pig In Love) Research Institute Flagship Store

Proudly selling a variety of hams and sausages, as well as local specialties.

Created to promote appreciation of local foods. The "Koisuru Buta (Pig In Love)" is a brand of pork that is carefully raised on proprietary fermented feed at "Arita Farm" located in Hokuso Daichi, Tonosho-machi, Katori-gun. Ham and sausages made from "Koisuru Buta" pork are sold at the store. This brand of pork is rich in glutamic acid and inosinic acid, which are indicators of deliciousness. It is also characterized by its smooth texture and pleasant aroma. The salt from the Kujukuri-hama beach in Chiba Prefecture is used to bring out the genuine flavor of the meat, without the use of artificial seasonings.

The colorful vegetables are also sweet and delicious. Served with rice and miso soup.

Dishes made with "Koisuru Buta" are served at the restaurant. Steamed Salisbury steak with 8 kinds of vegetables is a set lunch featuring vegetables from Chiba Prefecture and "Koisuru Buta" Salisbury steak steamed in a seiro (Japanese steamer). Enjoy the variations in flavor by eating the Salisbury steak with wasabi or barley miso paste.

The restaurant on the second floor has separate entrances for Salisbury steak and shabu-shabu.

Located among lush greenery, there is also a grassy playground in the vicinity. The second-floor restaurant has large windows and an open atmosphere. You can enjoy your meal while viewing the surrounding nature.


"Imoppuccino" holds back on sweeteners so that you can enjoy the natural sweetness and aroma of matured sweet potatoes.

Katori City produces a wide variety of sweet potatoes. This café is directly managed by a farm that handles everything from production to processing of sweet potatoes. Their sweet potatoes are matured to an amazingly sweet taste by their unique long-term low-temperature storage method. Their signature "Imoppuccino" is a shake made by slowly baked then frozen sweet potatoes and an original sauce. It is served with a generous topping of whipped cream and brown sugar syrup.

"Imokenpi" comes in three varieties: sweet, salted, and flavorful aonori (green seaweed).

You can also purchase delicious treats made from their aged sweet potatoes. Popular items include "Hoshiimo"(dried sweet potatoes), made by slowly steaming and drying sweet potatoes at low temperature, and "Imokenpi" (sweet potato fries), made by frying them twice to crispy texture and mixing them with original syrup.

A stylish interior with warm wood tones.

The café is located in Uwagashi Park, a tourist site located in the center of Sawara where historical buildings still remain. There are also other facilities that offer kimono rentals, making the cafe a perfect place to relax after strolling Sawara in kimono.

Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest spot) Kurimoto, Beni-Komachi no Sato

Rainbow trout fishing can be enjoyed for 1,000 yen, including rod, bait, and bucket. Available only on weekends.

The area facility is packed with the attractions of Katori City. There are farmers' markets selling freshly harvested vegetables, fruits, and processed livestock products, restaurants featuring local delicacies, parks and farms that make the most of the natural landscapes. Crawfishing and rainbow trout fishing can be enjoyed in the Satoyama Park. Harvesting vegetables on the farm is also popular among families. A popular dish at the restaurant is the roast pork cutlet made from Boso pork, a brand-name pork from Chiba Prefecture.

Beni Komachi, a rare sweet potato produced in only small quantities, is characterized by its crunchy texture and is perfect for baked sweet potatoes.

At the farmers' market, seasonal vegetables mainly from Katori City are sold in a wide variety. Sweet potatoes are a signature product of Katori so you can find many kinds of them including Beni Komachi, which is exclusively sold at Michi no Eki Kurimoto. Nutritious Yamatoimo (Japanese Yam) and peanuts (a specialty of Chiba Prefecture), are also available.

Benikomachi, an authentic potato Shochu with a rich aroma and a clean, refreshing taste.

A wide variety of Beni Komachi products are also available, from alcoholic beverages to sweets like doughnuts and Swiss rolls.

Access information

Access to Katori City, Chiba Prefecture:

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus from Tokyo Bus Terminal Yaesu to Sawara Station, and about 1 hour and 50 minutes by train from Tokyo Station. It is recommended to use a rental car to get around Katori City.

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